Email Tester

Email tester is a free email list checker that test email address validity in bulk. it is a simple bulk email address checker that check email address and do mail tester to ensure email validity . An easy email address tester used to send a test email .

Bulk email address checker

Bulk email address checker is a simple tool to check email address, verify email address and do mail tester, to avoid bounce mails. It extracts the MX records from the email address host and connect to mail server and simulates sending a message over SMPT to make sure the mailbox really exist for that email address.

Some mail servers may not co-operate in the email verification process, in that case, the result from email checker may not be as accurate as expected, when it verify email addresses.

Common questions about the Mail Tester

Why Does an email address marked "Exist" whereas it is not created? This Happens when a server accepts all emails sent to it and route it to a general email address for the site. Such email addresses won't bounce.

Where is your Bulk email bounce tester

We are working on our Bulk email bounce tester and very soon, we will make it available for free for a limited time. To test email address for bounce takes a lot of resources on our server, so we are working on a cool time that will be fast and efficient.

What is the difference between Mail tester and email Verifier

Mail tester and email verifier is the same thing, and the work the do is the same.

How does it check email validity during email verification?

The email checker check email address without sending an email, by directly connecting to the SMTP server and do validation.

Is the Email Verifier free?

Yes for now, we are in Beta stage, the email verifier is free and unlimited until we decide to change it. .

What does "accept all" status mean in Email Verification?

This means the mail server accepts all the email addresses sent on the domain, whether they actually exist or not. In this case, the SMTP verification isn't relevant.


What do you check for when verifying emails?

This is the verifications we do in email verifier:

Valid format: We verify whether the format of the email address is correct and looks something like "".

Disposable Email Addresses: We check if the email address has an active domain name . Webmail Email Addresses: We verify whether the provided email addresss uses webmail like Gmail or Yahoo.

MX Records: We check for the presence of MX records on the domain. If there aren't, the host of the email address can't receive emails. SMTP Server: We check and connect to the SMTP server indicated in MX records.

Bounce Check: We test the email addresses by simulating sending email to the server and see if it bounces or not, whithout sending an email. Accept-all Domain: We don't check if the server has a catch-all policy. But we verify if the server accepts the email addresses.

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